Effective ways to get cheaper tickets for your train journey


Train fares are on the rise and most of us have already begun to feel the pinch in our pockets, especially if we travel frequently on trains. However, we still prefer to travel on trains because it is certainly the most convenient and fastest transport option. In this post, we have collected some simple tips that can help you transform your expensive train journeys into convenient journeys.

Tips to save money on train journeys

There are basically three ways to book the train:

  • Directly from your train operator at the counter

  • Web sites for booking individual train tickets

  • Traveling website in which several railway operators offer their services completely

It is a good idea to compare the prices of train tickets offered by these sellers first.

Do your research first

The National Railways website and travel websites are the best places to start. Here you can compare timetables, train fares, seat availability, etc., in order to efficiently plan your trip. It will help you find the cheapest rail operators or online booking sites. Moreover, you can also look for interesting promotional offers and discounts offered by some railway lines.

Book in advance

It is a good idea to book tickets 8-10 weeks in advance. Early Bird offers are actually the best ways to get discounted tickets. Almost all rail operators allow you to make early bookings online. Some websites even offer email alerts whenever advance tickets are available for sale.

Take the offers

Ticket booking sites generally promote a wide range of offers to attract more passengers. If you are a normal traveler, then you should explore these offers. Also, try looking for discount vouchers.

Most rail companies offer good discounts for regular commuters, which can help you save money. They also offer great promotions even during the holidays. You can search online to find the best websites that offer such discounts and promotions.

Split your journey

If you are planning a long tour that moves to more than one main station, it would be better if you check the booking price for each stage of the tour separately, instead of booking a single ticket. In this way, your journey can become considerably cheaper, even if it is the same route!

It will hardly take a few minutes longer to split the trip and browse the tickets, but eventually you will end up saving good money on all ticket reservations.

Use the Find economic rates

If you are planning a trip where the exact date and time of travel are flexible, you can think of using search tools at low cost online rates. You must choose your routes and enter the details of your travel date. A low-cost fare search service will help you get the best deals on trains to Manchester and other important destinations.

Don't forget the cash-back railway cards!

Yes, many online train operators have recently started offering their regular customers back rail cash offers. If you book your tickets online, you must also check their refund offers on their website. Most likely you will have to pay a nominal commission for your reimbursement card. Cash backs normally offer discounts from 10% to 20%, depending on routes, your age and so on.